3 Celebrities Who Have Passed The Most Controversial Comments

If you analyze, then you would realize that most controversial comments are made by the celebrities. We have heard lots of celebrities saying a lot of things in the media and hence we truly and deeply believe that some celebs should be literally banned from the social media. Take a look at these 3 controversial comments that celebrities made for some bizarre reasons:

1)  Gwyneth Paltrow and her regular 9-5 Job War

This actress and lifestyle expert got a lot of attention when she commented on the regular job by saying that her routine made her life tougher than other people who work regular jobs. Just imagine, life is harder for her when she has all the facilities, right from her assistants, drivers, nannies and what not and still she feels that she has a tough life (compared to the ones who have no such facilities).

Soon after the buzz, she said that whatever she said was taken out of context. Well, I am sure the media can make this blunder once, but not every time. Like in another instance, she compared online criticism to war.

2) CeeLo and Rape comment

Singer CeeLo Green attends a preliminary hearing for an ecstasy possession charge at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Center in Los Angeles, California in this February 3, 2014 file photo. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni/Files

Ceelo Green, The Voice judge and musician made a controversy by writing his thoughts about rape and consent on Twitter. This is what he wrote:  “When someone brakes on a home there is broken glass. Where is your plausible proof anyone was raped?” He also wrote, “Women who have really been raped REMEMBER!!! If someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously! so WITH implies consent.”

Because of his bizarre comments, he was also dropped from 2 concerts. He then further apologized on Twitter and this is what he wrote: “I truly and deeply apologize for the comments attributed to me on Twitter. Those comments were idiotic, untrue and not what I believe.”

I guess Ceelo realized that the damage was already done.

3) Raven-Symone and Watermelondrea


Raven-Symone ignited a controversy when she mentioned on a talk show, that she would never hire anyone named Watermelondrea.  For all those who are wondering that what’s the big deal, then let me explain you a bit. There is this YouTube start named, Melvin, also known as Watermelondrea, replied by saying, “You have the audacity to sit there on The View in front of millions of people…and say you will decline a career opportunity because their name isn’t proper enough for their liking?

He mentioned that people have no control over their names, and this is something which is out of their control. Raven eventually apologized on Facebook by mentioning that she has also been rejected for many jobs because of her color and age and that she could relate to how people feel. Just to clear the air, she also mentioned that the situation in the show was totally hypothetical.

I should not be part of the problem, I should be part of the solution.” She also pointed out that she never actually “discriminated against a name” — it was a hypothetical conversation.

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