Affiliate Marketing Definition of AFFILIATE

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af·​fil·​i·​ate | ə-ˈfi-lē-ˌātHow to pronounce affiliate (audio)

affiliated; affiliating

transitive verb

1a : to bring or receive into close connection as a member or branch The medical school is affiliated with a hospital.

b : to associate as a member affiliates herself with the local club

2 : to trace the origin of affiliated Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” to earlier plays

intransitive verb

: to connect or associate oneself : combine refused to affiliate with any political party


nounaf·​fil·​i·​ate | ə-ˈfi-lē-ətHow to pronounce affiliate (audio), -ˌāt

: an affiliated person or organization the network’s local affiliates

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Verb Their group does not affiliate itself with any political party. Noun Two of the company’s regional affiliates lost money in the past year. our local Humane Society is an affiliate of a national organization

See MoreRecent Examples on the Web: Verb Nine in 10 whoaffiliatethemselves with a religion believe in God, but so do 40% of those who don’t. —CBS News, “CBS News Eye on Trends: The latest from the Election & Survey Unit,” 30 July 2020Most who don’taffiliatewith a religion nevertheless believe in some sort of higher power. —CBS News, “CBS News Eye on Trends: The latest from the Election & Survey Unit,” 30 July 2020Canonical research in social psychology showed that fear and anxiety lead people toaffiliatewith those around them. —Time, “How the Coronavirus Crisis Is Opening the Door to Universal Social Policies in the U.S.,” 17 June 2020Hotel management company Montage International began providing employees with memberships to One Medical, a service providing virtual and in-office care, which isaffiliatedwith 1Life Healthcare Inc. —Ann-marie Alcántara, WSJ, “No More Pizza Fridays: Companies Find New Perks for the Remote Worker,” 8 June 2020Greater Friendship became the first black church toaffiliatewith the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). —David Reamer, Anchorage Daily News, “How Greater Friendship Baptist Church in Anchorage made its mark in Alaska and civil rights history,” 7 June 2020The group, which isaffiliatedwith a wellness organization founded by Lowenstein called Body Politic, has been a haven for long-haulers. —Ed Yong, The Atlantic, “Thousands Who Got COVID-19 in March Are Still Sick,” 4 June 2020The protest has also garnered the attention of Black Lives Matter: Houston, which is now officiallyaffiliatedwith the event. —Claire Goodman, Houston Chronicle, “Students’ Black Lives Matter protest moves to bigger park in Katy,” 3 June 2020One Black Lives Matter t-shirt that does not appear to beaffiliatedwith any racial justice organizations skyrocketed from not registering in the Best Sellers rankings to No. —Washington Post, “The Technology 202: Mark Zuckerberg spoke with civil rights leaders about Trump’s posts. It didn’t go well.,” 1 June 2020Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Fening with the Oxford Police Department told CBS NewsaffiliateWKRC. —Sophie Lewis, CBS News, “College students admitted to police they had COVID-19. They threw a house party anyway.,” 12 Sep. 2020Charlottesville City Council Member Kristin Szakos said the statue is a symbol of injustice,affiliateWVIR reported last month when the county commission made its decision. —Jay Croft, CNN, “A Confederate statue is coming down today in the Virginia city of deadly ‘Unite the Right’ violence,” 12 Sep. 2020During a recent event by anaffiliatedissident group in Washington, D.C., some speakers touched on the wrestler’s plight. —Zachary Halaschak, Washington Examiner, “Iran executes wrestler Navid Afkari despite pleas from Trump and Dana White,” 12 Sep. 2020Baker, an anchor at CNNaffiliateWTOC in Savannah, was the first of 30,000 people in the Phase 3 study, half of whom would get the active vaccine and half a placebo. —USA Today, “The sprint to create a COVID-19 vaccine started in January. The finish line awaits.,” 11 Sep. 2020Aurify Brands, acting throughaffiliatecompanies, will pay $3 million in cash and agree to cancel debt it’s holding, according to court papers. —Steven Church,, “Busted Baker Maison Kayser to Be Sold to Le Pain Quotidien Owner,” 11 Sep. 2020Williams remembered joining Budig to throw out the first balls before a home game for the Charleston RiverDogs, a Yankeesaffiliatein the Class A South Atlantic League. —Ben Walker, Star Tribune, “Famed basketball coach Roy Williams pays tribute to Budig,” 9 Sep. 2020CBS Television Distribution is launching the show, so most viewers will be able to catch it on their local CBSaffiliate. —Jessica Radloff, Glamour, “The Drew Barrymore Show: Everything We Know About the Actor’s New Talk Show,” 9 Sep. 2020The news was first reported by NBC LouisvilleaffiliateWAVE. —NBC News, “Breonna Taylor case set to go before grand jury,” 9 Sep. 2020

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