Affiliate Marketing How to Start Flipkart Affiliate Business & Earn Rs. 76,400 Per Month

Flipkart Affiliate

Flipkart is the largest e-commerce platform available to Indian customers.

Its valuation is about $9.36 billion & over 100 million customers with more than 43% e-commerce market share in India.

Like other e-commerce companies such as Amazon, The Flipkart also has an affiliate program to help people to earn money online.

It is the best way to make an online income by sitting at your home.

A lot of people are making over Rs. 50,000 each month, just by promoting the products from Flipkart.

It may sound easy but requires a lot of work and efforts.

You won’t get overnight success, However, I’ll tell you everything to start your Flipkart affiliate business.

You have to take an action & give it a shot.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, housewife, employed or unemployed.

Before proceeding, I would like to tell you about what is an affiliate marketing & How it works.

What is an Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate marketing is a marketing tactic used by online retailers/businesses to increase sales of the products.

These businesses provide unique product sales tracking link to the affiliate marketers.

Later, Affiliate marketers recommend that product to the targeted audience.

If someone buys that product through that sales tracking link, affiliate marketer receives a commission in return.

These commissions could be fixed amount or percentage of sales value.

Below image represents how affiliate marketing works:

how does affiliate marketing works

how does affiliate marketing works

A simple step by step process to understands an affiliate marketing:

  • Step 1: Join an affiliate program of an online business (In this case Flipkart).
  • Step 2: Get unique sales tracking link to a particular product (E.g. Mobile, Laptop, etc.)
  • Step 3: Promote that link to the people who are more likely to buy that product
  • Step 4: Get a commission, If someone buys that product.

Even if you haven’t understood anything just keep reading & learn it in a practical way.

Overview of Flipkart Affiliate Program

The Flipkart affiliate program is very easy to setup & run from home.

It offers nice commission rates, a lot of promotion methods & a good dashboard to manage your affiliate business.

Flipkart Affiliate Commissions:

Flipkart gives an attractive commission (up to 15%) on all the products.

A commission varies according to the product category, platform (website or mobile app), new user or already registered user, and running month.

Below image represents commission for January 2018.

Flipkart commission January-18

Flipkart commission January-18

Above image only contains a few items, if you want to see commission for all products, click here.

Flipkart also pays you if you refer a user to install their Android app.

flipkart app install commission

flipkart app install commission

Previously, Flipkart was offering commissions on Apple (iOS) & Windows apps too. But, Currently, they only offer it for Android devices.

An app install commission varies according to a promotion method.

Direct Install:

If you directly ask a user to install a Flipkart app, it will be classified as Direct Install and you’ll get Rs. 15 per app install.

FallBack Install:

If you are promoting men’s jacket and a user doesn’t have an app on his mobile phone.

So, When he clicks on your men’s jacket link, he will be redirected to the app store (Google Play for Android).

If he installs a Flipkart app & opens it in 14 days, it will be classified as Fallback Install and you’ll get Rs. 20 commission.

How much money can you make with Flipkart affiliate program?

You can easily calculate it by making a hypothesis.

E.g. Suppose, You have a blog on civil services examination. You can easily refer a book like Indian Polity to your audience which costs Rs. 500.

If you could able to sell at least 500 books in a month, you would be making Rs. 25,000


Book Cost – Rs.500

Commission on Books –  10% that is Rs. 50 for Rs. 500 book

Commission after selling 500 Books – 50×500 = Rs. 25,000

Flipkart Affiliate Program Requirements:

Flipkart has a few requirements to join their affiliate program.

But, If you want to understand their requirements, first you have to know their commission withdrawal methods.

You can withdraw your earned commissions by two methods:

  1. EFT – Electronic Fund Transfer
  2. EVG – Electronic Gift Voucher

If you set your payment method as EFT, You’ve to provide bank account details & upload a canceled cheque.

If you set your payment method as EGV, You’ve to provide Address proof details.

A PAN card & a website are must-have requirements in both payment modes.

So, In short, You’ll need these details:

  1. PAN Card
  2. Address Proof (If Payment mode is EFG)
  3. Bank Account Details (If Payment mode is EFT)
  4. Cancelled Cheque (If Payment mode is EFT)
  5. Website/Mobile App

If you don’t have the specified documents, You could open an account by the name of your father/mother, elder brother/sister, friend or relative.

You can have either a website or mobile app.

If you don’t have a website, you can create it with the help of this article.

It is very easy to create your website rather than a mobile app.

I’ve written step by step instructions to create your website even if you are not a technical person.

It will cost you approx Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 4,500 to set up your website.

Please note that Flipkart doesn’t allow promoting the products without a website/mobile app.

How to Start Flipkart Affiliate Business?

There are six steps to start a successful Flipkart affiliate business.

  1. Create Flipkart Affiliate Account
  2. Choose your Niche
  3. Create a Website
  4. Generate Affiliate Links
  5. Create High-Quality Blog Posts
  6. Promote Blog Posts/Affiliate Links

Now, I’ll tell you every step in detail so that you can start from day one.

1. Create Flipkart Affiliate Account:

It is a very easy process to create a Flipkart affiliate account.

Just visit & fill up a registration form.

Enter your email address & click on the “Generate Email OTP” button.

You’ll get a one-time passcode to your email address. Enter that passcode in an Email OTP field.

Next, Enter your mobile number (select country code – +91 for India) & click on the “Generate Mobile OTP” button.

You’ll receive a one-time passcode to your mobile number. Enter that passcode in the Mobile OTP field.

Now, Enter your password, Agree to the Flipkart affiliate program terms & conditions and click on the “REGISTER” button.

flipkart affiliate registration

flipkart affiliate registration

After successful creation of your Flipkart affiliate account, you have to customize your affiliate tracking ID.

An affiliate tracking ID is used to track product sales & identify the affiliate user to whom the product sales belong.

E.g. My affiliate id is “strivemoney” so my product sales tracking link contains “?affid=strivemoney” at the end.

For example –

If someone buys the product by clicking on the above link, I’ll get a commission.

An affiliate tracking ID is unique so you have to verify whether it is available or not.

customize flipkart affiliate tracking id

customize flipkart affiliate tracking id

Go ahead and customize your tracking ID. If it is available click on the “Submit” button.

Set up an account:


Log into your brand new Flipkart affiliate account and start setting up it.

As your account is new & you haven’t uploaded any documents you’ll get a warning message.

“Your documents are not uploaded, after uploading the same we will verify once you cross the threshold limit (Rs.5000/- in EFT Mode & Rs.2500/- in EGV Mode) and require 10-15 working days to verify the same”.

flipkart document notice

flipkart document notice

It means you have to upload necessary documents and once you upload, Flipkart will verify your account only if you have reached minimum payout amount.

A minimum payout amount for EFT method is Rs. 5000/- and for EGV method Rs. 2500/-

So, If you want to make money with Flipkart, you must have to fill out your account, payment & website details.

1. Account Details:

Open an Account Details tab and enter all the information such as your name, address, mobile number, country, city, state, etc.

flipkart affiliate account details

flipkart affiliate account details

Please note that you have to upload the documents related to the name you’ve entered here.

So, If you don’t have documents, enter the name of someone (parent, friend or relative) who has necessary documents.

Once you enter all the information correctly, click on the “Save Changes” button.

2. Payment Details:

Now, Open the Payment Information tab.

Select your Country &  Affiliate Type.

If you’ve created an account on behalf of an organization, choose “Organization” otherwise choose “Individual” as affiliate type.

Enter Payee name as given on your PAN Card. Also, Enter your PAN Card number. If you are outside India, mention “N/A”.

flipkart payment information

flipkart payment information

Select payment mode.

If you select EGV (Electronic Gift Voucher) then you have to upload PAN Card & Address Proof.

An EGV method has low minimum payout amount (Rs. 2500/-) and that amount can be used against buying products on Flipkart.

You can upload your Aadhaar Card, Driving Licence or Passport as an address proof.

If you select EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) then you have to enter Bank account information, upload PAN Card & Cancelled Cheque.

An EFT method has minimum payout amount of Rs. 5000/- and you can transfer that amount to your bank account.

Enter bank account details such as Bank Name, Account Number, Address, Branch, City and IFSC code. (SWIFT code for outside India).

Later, Upload a PAN Card and Cancelled cheque of the bank account you’ve entered earlier.

You cannot give bank account details of one account & cheque of another.

A canceled cheque has written “Cancelled” on it diagonally.


Canceled Cheque

Canceled Cheque

Now, Click on the “Save and Upload” button.

After uploading the necessary documents, you’ll see a message like below:

flipkart document message

flipkart document message

3. Website/Mobile App Details:

If you already have a website, just click on the “Website Details” tab & enter your website URL.

If you have a mobile app enter your respective app store’s app link. (For Android app Google Play Store, For iOS app Apple app store, etc.)

If you don’t have a website, DO NOT worry, It will take just 15-20 minutes to setup your website and I’ll teach you how to do it.

I can not teach you how to create a mobile app, as it requires a lot of technical work.

Well, now hop on the next step of choosing a niche because it is the base of your Flipkart affiliate business.

Once you decide on your niche, I’ll take you to step by step guide to creating your successful website.

2. Choose your Niche:

This step is most crucial to have a success in the Flipkart affiliate marketing business.

A niche is nothing but the topic of your website. You should choose your topic wisely.

If you don’t have an interest or you are not passionate about the topic, simply DON’T choose it.

There are plenty of topics to choose & I would recommend drill-down the topic rather than selecting the broader one.

E.g. Instead of choosing all Electronic items, choose Mobiles.

It is better to promote only mobiles rather than all electronic appliances like Laptop, TV, Camera, etc.

An advantage of narrowing the topic is that you’ll get more search engine traffic with fewer efforts.

How to choose a niche?

It is very easy to select a niche.

Just ask yourself the questions like:

  • What do I like?
  • What is my passion?
  • Which topic would I love to teach others?

If you are fashion enthusiast, select a topic that will help you to promote clothes, watches, etc.

A gadget lover could select a topic to promote different gadgets such as mobiles, smart watches, etc.

But make sure that you are not choosing a very broad topic.

The best place to find a topic is Flipkart’s website itself. Just visit & hover on categories at the top.

You will find the different niches in the bold letters.

choose niches on flipkart

choose niches on flipkart

In the above image, I’ve made the pink color rectangle to all niches.

Just hover over other categories and find out the best niche that interests you.

Once you’ve got your niche its time to set up a website. As I already described, You must have a website to create affiliate links.

3. Create a Website:

There are five steps to create your website.

  1. Decide Website Niche
  2. Find a Good Web Host
  3. Find a Domain Name
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Design your Website

1. Decide Website Niche:

Well, I’ve already discussed how to choose a niche in the previous point.

I hope you’ve found a niche that is interesting & making you excited to set up your website.

2. Find a Good Web Host:

There are plenty of web hosting services in the market which claims to be the best in the world. Are they?

No. Not at all.

The web hosting providers have a lot of problems such as a very bad customer support, high cost, low uptime, slow server, etc.

But Siteground is different and has impressed me a lot.

I can’t emphasize enough promoting Siteground everywhere on my websites.

It has 99.99% Uptime, World class customer support, fastest server speed & costs around Rs. 4000 to Rs. 4500 a year.

So, I would recommend using Siteground to host your website.

Just visit & choose your plan.

SiteGround pricing

SiteGround pricing

If you are planning to host only one website, Choose “StartUp” plan and to host more than one website, Choose “GrowBig” plan.

Click on the “GET STARTED” button.

3. Find a Domain Name:

Your domain name should complement your niche. Also, make sure that your domain name is easy to remember & spell.

It might be possible that a domain name has not available for registration.

Try different words and use your creativity to find a catchy available domain name.

You can also use a domain which you have already bought from any other domain registrar.

domain name step

domain name step

Enter the domain name and click on the “PROCEED” button. On the next page purchase web hosting and you are ready to go.

4. Install WordPress

I run this website on WordPress platform. It is the best platform to manage your website/blog.

It is a software which you can use to create website pages, blog posts, themes, etc.

Thanks to Siteground that you can install WordPress with just one click.

siteground install wordpress

siteground install wordpress

After successful WordPress software installation, log into your WordPress admin dashboard.

5. Design your Website

The final step in setting up your website is designing it.

There are a lot of free and paid themes available on the Internet. You can also hire an expert to design your blog.

If you don’t want to spend more money on the designing you can install a free theme.

In your WordPress dashboard, click on the “Appearance” from the sidebar and then click on the “Add New” button.

install theme

install theme

You’ll get a list of themes. You can also preview a theme before installation.


I KNOW that I have explained these five steps with the least details and you might not have understood.

DON’T WORRY, I have a definitive guide to creating your website that contains step-by-step instructions with a lot of screenshots & details.

Read & follow that guide here.

Once you set up your website, return to the Flipkart Affiliate account dashboard & fill up the Website details.

Enter your website URL. Select website type as a “Blog”.

As you have just started your website, select Monthly Visits to “Less than 1,000”.

Next, Select your website topic/topics. Later, Select Flipkart categories you intend to write about on your website.

Flipkart website details

Flipkart website details

Click on the “Save Changes” and you would be able to see the Flipkart dashboard.

Flipkart affiliate dashboard

Flipkart affiliate dashboard

On your Flipkart affiliate dashboard, You can see:

  • Sales earnings and number of orders.
  • App install earnings and number of app installations
  • Traffic you’ve sent to Flipkart (number of clicks)
  • Pending Payments
  • Approved Payments

If someone buys through your affiliate link, you will see a commission earned from that sale as the Pending Payments.

The Flipkart offers 30 Days money back guarantee & buyer might return the product, so it will take 30 to 45 days to approve the commissions.

You can click on each link shown on your dashboard to see more data/reports.

4. Generate Affiliate Links:

On the Flipkart affiliate dashboard, you can generate affiliate links to promote the products.

Suppose you are running a fitness blog and you want to recommend the best running shoes for men.

I would suggest recommending the products that you have personally used and had a great experience with.

Otherwise, You can also recommend the products with great reviews & specification. Always remember, You should never break the trust of your audience.

Well, Suppose, You’ve got this running shoes from Reebok & you want to recommend it.

Flipkart reebok shoes

Flipkart reebok shoes

Simply copy the URL as shown in the above image & paste it in an affiliate link generator tool.

affiliate link generator

affiliate link generator

Once you paste that link, click on the “GO” button & you will get your specialized affiliate link.

You can also shorten that link to get short URL and add more SubIDs for improved tracking functionality. You should add that special link in your blog post.

Below an affiliate link generator, you have a specialized affiliate link to promote Flipkart Mobile App.

Your audience can install an app by clicking on that link. This is Direct Install promotion method

Along with affiliate link generator, Flipkart has a lot of affiliate tools for product promotion.

These affiliate tools are:

  • Push Content Widget
  • Bookmarklet Widget
  • Promotional Widgets
  • Promotional Banners
  • Product Links & Banners

Push Content Widget:

It is similar to placing an ad code on your website. It is a dynamic interactive ad that you can place on your website sidebar.Flipkart Push Content Widget

Flipkart Push Content Widget

This Push Content widget is available in three different sizes:

  1. 300 x 250
  2. 728 x 90
  3. 120 x 600

You just have to copy the code of respective ad size and paste in your website’s sidebar or content.

push content ad copy

push content ad copy

The Flipkart will start showing relevant ads on your website. If someone clicks on that ad & end up buying the product, you’ll get a commission.

Bookmarklet Widget

You can use Bookmarklet Widget to create an affiliate link without logging into your Flipkart affiliate account.

Simply drag the “Flipkart Affiliate Bookmarklet” button available on Bookmarklet Widget page to your browser’s Bookmark Toolbar.

Now, Visit the Flipkart product page for which you want to generate an affiliate link & click on the bookmark which you’ve dragged to bookmark toolbar.

bookmarklet widget

bookmarklet widget

You will get an affiliate link with your attached affiliate id.

Promotional Widgets:

The promotional widgets offer a wide variety of promotional banners. You just have to generate a code for a promotional banner you want to place on your website.

promotional widgets

promotional widgets

There are six types of promotional widgets:

  1. Push Content – It is similar to the push content widget which we’ve discussed earlier.
  2. Featured Deals – It shows featured deals running on Flipkart.
  3. Best Seller – It shows best selling products.
  4. Search Widget – The people can search product directly on your website with this widget.
  5. Related Products – It shows the products related to a website visitor.
  6. Search Bar – Similar to Search Widget but it shows only search input.

Promotional Banners:

The promotional banners have a few static banners for promoting some of the high traffic sections of the Flipkart.

promotional banners

promotional banners

These promotional banners are:

  1. E Gift Vouchers
  2. Deal of the Day
  3. App Installs
  4. Category Based (Offers/Deals)
  5. Offer Zone

Product Links & Banners:

You can generate an affiliate link or banner for any product available on the Flipkart.

It is very easy to generate a link or banner code. You just have to search a product, customize it & generate the code.

search product link banner

search product link banner

As shown in the above image, I want to generate an affiliate link for “The Lean Startup” book which I highly recommend to the people who want to start a Startup.

So, I did search “the lean startup” in the “Books” category & I’ve got the search results.

Now, Depending on which type of affiliate link you want to generate simply click on the either “Link” or “Banner” button.

customize product link banner

customize product link banner

As I clicked on the “Banner”, I can customize a text color, link color, background color, whether I want to show price or not, etc.

If you click on the “Link” you can generate different types of buy now buttons & simple link.

After doing customizations, click on the “OK” button & you’ll get an HTML code. You can put that code in relevant place on your website.

That’s it for Flipkart Affiliate Tools.


Apart from these affiliate tools & link generator, Flipkart also provides a powerful feature which could be very useful for a technical person.

Its an API.

You can use Flipkart API to create fully dynamic websites such as price comparison site, product search engine, coupon site, etc.

The biggest advantage of using an API is you can get REAL TIME updates.

E.g. If you have created a blog post four months ago, regarding top 5 Android smartphones and their prices then that blog post would show old prices for those smartphones.

But if you’ve displayed prices using a Flipkart API then current (Today) prices would be shown.

5. Create High-Quality Blog Posts:

Always remember, You should focus on QUALITY of the blog posts rather than QUANTITY.

There are millions of blog posts published each day & you have to stand out by writing high-quality blog posts that solve the problems of the end user.

I would recommend you to write each blog post with at least 2000 words and doing keyword research before writing a blog post would be useful.

As you are a beginner, You can use Google Keyword Planner Tool which is available for free. I personally use Ahrefs tool which comes with $99 per month price.

At the initial stage knowing a monthly search volume of a keyword is sufficient before creating a blog post. Go to Google Keyword Planner tool & type the search phrase.

E.g. If you are writing about gadgets, the keyword will be “mobile phones under 10000”

google adwords keyword research

google adwords keyword research

As you are promoting Flipkart products, select a country as “India” & click on the “Get ideas” button.

You will be presented with the bunch of keywords and their monthly volume.

google keyword planner search results

google keyword planner search results

You may get worried about the competition (if it is high) but don’t make this mistake. The competition column is for the Adwords Advertisers.

You have NOTHING to do with it.

Just check a volume of monthly searches. If you are lucky, you will find a lot of high volume keywords.

Do the research by entering a keyword in the Google & study top 10 search results.

Craft a way better content than your competitors, add a lot of images, explain the all thing properly. I would recommend learning SEO before creating a blog post.

You can learn about all aspects of SEO here.

There are four types of posts that would give better results & more money:

  1. Top List Post
  2. Best List Post
  3. Review Post
  4. Comparison Post

1. Top List Post:

You can create top list number posts by listing top items. These type of blog posts get more clicks & provides the great user experience.

Example Titles: Top 10 gift ideas to impress your girlfriend, Top 10 Android smartphones under 5000 rupees, etc.

2. Best List Post:

A blog post with the “Best” keyword in the title has high commercial intent. So, It becomes difficult to rank for such keywords in the Google.

But If you could able to rank for such keyword, you would be making a lot of money.

Example Titles: Best power banks to buy in India, Best Running Shoes for Great Fitness in 2018, etc.

3. Review Post:

A lot of people search for reviews before buying a product. You can write reviews for the best selling products.

But you should never write a biased review. I mean, Never explain only a good side of the product, you should also write about cons.

I would also recommend using WPRichSnippets WordPress plugin for review posts. This tool will help you to get stars on search engine result pages (SERPs).

Example Titles: Samsung On 5 Pro Review: Why is it worth 6999 Rupees price tag, The 4-Hour Work Week Book Review: The book that will change your life or not, etc.

4. Comparison Post:

There are also a lot of people who end up undeciding the product they want to buy. It is because these products may have a similar specification, brand, price tag, etc.

If you could clear their confusion by giving an in-depth comparison and recommending the best product, you will be making a lot of money.

Example Titles: Nikon D3400 vs Canon EOS 1300D: Which DSLR Camera is the best, Samsung On 5 Pro vs Redmi 4a: Which one to buy, etc.

6. Promote Blog Posts/Affiliate Links:

Once you’ve crafted your content, you should put that content in front of the targeted people. The more targeted traffic your blog posts get, the more money you’ll make.

There are different ways to promote your blog post.

  1. SEO
  2. Social Media
  3. Quora
  4. Youtube
  5. Email List

1. SEO

An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means optimizing your website pages for both users & search engines, so that, it will help you to get more traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

There are two main optimization methods:

  1. On Page SEO Optimization
  2. Off Page SEO Optimization

An On Page SEO Optimization includes optimizing your website page’s title, meta description, content, etc. You can learn more about it here.

It is nothing but optimizing on page element of your blog post or web page.

An Off Page SEO Optimization means optimizing your website pages off page elements such as links, social media and social bookmarking.

The links work like a voting system. If you get more votes you will win.

But in case of link building, If you get more QUALITY links then you will win.

I mean to get more traffic and higher search engine rankings, You should get links from high authority websites. You can learn about link building here.

The Links are one of the most influential ranking factors (there are more than hundred), so along with links, you have to optimize on page elements, content, social media, etc.

2. Social Media

You can use social media to drive traffic to your website. The Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest is the most popular social networks.

You might have used these network for entertainment purpose but its time to use them to drive traffic & make money.

First, You have to use social sharing buttons on your website. You can use which is available for free.

I do use Social Warfare WordPress plugin to place social media button on my website. After publishing a blog post, You should share your it on all social media networks.

You can also join the relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn, Group Boards on Pinterest to share your posts.

3. Quora

A Quora is a platform where people ask different questions regarding almost anything.

It is a great way to get targeted traffic to your website. You simply have to answer the questions on Quora.

If you’ve written a review on Redmi 4 mobile phone & if someone is asking any question about it, you can write your answer & add a link to your review article.

You shouldn’t pitch your blog post, it would sound sellsy & unprofessional.

Rather, Write a great answer, tell a story, satisfy the query and later at end pitch about your blog post.

4. Youtube

It is the most popular & effective way of driving traffic to your website. You should create the videos regarding the reviews, opinions, comparisons of the products.

Simply, You should convert above four types of blog posts which we’ve discussed earlier into the videos. You can also put an affiliate link or a blog post in the video description.

More importantly, Along with Flipkart affiliate marketing, you can also make money with Youtube partner program (Ads).

5. Email List

When someone visits your website, you should convert that visitor into an email subscriber. Your goal should be getting as many subscribers as you can.

You can use an email marketing software MailerLite & list building software ThriveLeads to build your email list. These are two powerful software that makes list building an easy task.

Whenever you publish a new blog post, you should send an email to your subscribers.

Also, If you are planning to sell any digital product such as an e-book or video course then your loyal email subscribers would be more than happy to buy that course.

Over to you:

The Flipkart Affiliate business is the best way to make money online working from your home.

However, It is not an easy task. You should always strive for hard work & patience.

Whenever I start any project, I give at least six months of time before seeing an initial success.

I would also recommend you to give at least six months for your Flipkart affiliate business to skyrocket. Learn the more things that I’ve mentioned in this blog post.

Also, Learn about other affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliate, ShopClues Affiliate, HealthKart Affiliate, etc.

Have you created your Flipkart Affiliate Business? Are you facing any difficulties? Let me know in the comments.


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