Affiliate Marketing What is the Meaning of Affiliate Marketing?

In this article will be discuss what is the meaning of affiliate marketing (or what affiliate marketing means), what does affiliate program mean and exactly how affiliate marketing works. As well as this we will discuss what the best affiliate marketing systems to use are and what is the best tips and pieces of advice to succeed at affiliate marketing. But before we talk about what affiliate marketing is, we first need to understand what the term internet marketing means, which is discussed below.

What is Internet Marketing?

Internet Marketing (or Information Marketing) is a term used to describe an online business that sells mainly information based products such as e-books, video courses and online memberships. Services such as software and physical products can be sold too but they are generally information based.

The process of internet marketing (or online marketing, another term often used) involves promoting these products and services over the internet using different tools to drive traffic (traffic is basically people or users), generate leads and make sales. A range of tactics and strategies are used to achieve this including promoting over social media, email marketing, search and creating content. All with the goal of attracting visitors (traffic), getting those visitors interested in a certain product and making a sale.

what is the meaning of affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

So now we have talked about what Internet Marketing is, now let’s talk about what does affiliate marketing mean? So when a person creates these information products (such as an e-books) they are generally known as a Vendor. And what affiliate marketing means is when you promote that vendor’s product for them and every time you make a sell of that person’s product, they pay you a percentage of that sell. This is also known as a commission that you make for that sell and this is what does becoming an affiliate mean, as you are an affiliate of that person.

So this is what is meant by affiliate marketing and the commission amount you make can vary quite significantly. Generally speaking when you’re thinking what does become an affiliate mean and you promote an information based product (like an e-book) you will receive a commission in the region of 50-75% for each sell. So if the product cost $100, you would receive $50 – $75 for every sale you made of that product.

The reason the commission rate is so high for information products, when you are thinking what does it mean to become an affiliate, is because information based product businesses have very little overheads so they can afford to pay affiliates more. But when considering what does affiliate marketing mean physical products pay much less with commissions in the region of 10-20%. This is because of all of the costs associated with physical products such as manufacturing costs, shipping costs, storage costs and delivery costs so they can only afford to pay affiliates a lesser amount.

Who is Affiliate Marketing for?

Everyone. I believe affiliate marketing is for everyone because you don’t just have to be only interesting in internet marketing to be an affiliate marketer. There are information products that you can promote in loads of different topics, categories and niches. Such as Computers, Cooking and Food, Games, Health and Fitness, Home and Garden, Languages, Parenting and Families, Self-Help, Travel and Sports. So as you can see, if you have an interest, passion or hobby there are products that you can promote which you will enjoy promoting and learning about.  

What Does Affiliate Program Mean?

So now we have talked about what does becoming an affiliate mean and what does it mean to become an affiliate we will now talk about what affiliate programs mean. So every time a business or vendor wants people to promote their product, they create an affiliate program for that product where affiliates can join and promote it. To join an affiliate program you normally need to enter personal details such as your name and email address. Once you have joined, you will most likely be taken to a main affiliate page.

On this main affiliate page you will receive access to links, banners, email swipes and other content which you and other affiliates can use to promote that product. But if you are unsure if a particular product has an affiliate program and you want to promote it, just type into Google, the product’s name followed by affiliate program to see if they have one. So for example type in “Product Name Affiliate Program” and that should show you any affiliate program that exists.     

And if you’re still thinking what does affiliate links mean and what does epc mean in affiliate marketing don’t worry as the meaning of each of these will be discussed next.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

So now we are going to talk about the mechanics of how affiliate marketing works. So at this point you have chosen a product you want to promote, joined their affiliate program and now you are ready to promote it. This is where you will learn what does affiliate links mean as now you need your affiliate link to start promoting your chosen product. But what is an affiliate link? An affiliate link is your personal link you use to promote a product that people click on to buy that product and that is tracked to your account, so you get paid every time it is clicked.

And you place these links anywhere you are promoting the product you are selling. So if you are promoting the product on your personal website, place the link on your site or if you are promoting on social media, post your affiliate link on your social media account. Wherever you post the link, it will always be tracked to you, so any sells you make, you will be credited for them.

Next we will briefly discuss a few more terms and ideas, like EPC, ClickBank and gravity on ClickBank. So what does epc mean in affiliate marketing? EPC stands for Earnings Per Click and is the amount of money you will earn for every click that you generate. Unfortunately this is all EPC will be discussed here as I have already explained this term in depth in another article. But if you are interested in EPC and want to find out more about it Click Here for an article entitled, ClickBank: What It Is, How It Works And Ways Of Understanding ClickBank.

Next is ClickBank and gravity on ClickBank. So what is ClickBank? ClickBank is a platform of information products that you can promote as an affiliate or join as a vendor if you created your own product. ClickBank is a very popular network and it uses something called Metrics, that rate how well a product is selling and performing. One of these metrics is called gravity, so what does gravity mean on clickbank? Gravity tells you how many affiliates have made one or more sells of a particular product in the last 30 days. But if you want to know more about ClickBank, how it works and other metrics they use Click Here to read the same article entitled ClickBank: What It Is, How It Works And Ways Of Understanding ClickBank.

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing System?

When it comes to affiliate marketing systems there are loads to choose from each having their own merits and drawbacks. To be honest, I don’t believe there is any one system that is better than all of the others. As each system is different and works differently. You might find as well that some systems are more suited to beginners and others to more experienced internet marketers. If you are looking for an affiliate marketing system and are unsure of which to choose from, Click Here to check out my Review: Recommend Page. Here you will find reviews of all of the latest affiliate marketing systems that I recommend.

So that is it for what is the meaning of affiliate marketing, understanding how affiliate marketing works and how to become an affiliate. I hope you have enjoyed this and if you are interested in internet and affiliate marketing, please feel free to sign up to my newsletter and receive a free report entitled, Top 10 tips to make money as a complete beginner in internet marketing (in the top right hand corner of the sidebar) and also feel free to leave any comments or feedback you have below. Thanks for reading.

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