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When first stumbling into the crypto space it can be very tempting to pay for info. While this may be an option, the crypto space is very vast and there are many companies that provide free info. Check out some of the most useful and free resources I’ve personally found in the space.

  1. BLOCKDATA: BLOCKDATA provides very high quality and objective data about blockchain technology and the teams building it. There reports have very visual and easy to grasp data points. Their Medium page helps further explain these research reports as well. Many good reports are free to download from this page.
  2. AMUN: Amun AG provides various insightful and educational research reports as well. Their “State of Crypto” reports provide a host of info, such as ways to value Bitcoin and important updates in the space. You can find their medium page here, and a list of free research reports here.
  3. BINANCE ACADEMY: Binance academy provides educational information on almost every aspect of the crypto space. From staking, to trading, to coin/token reviews, Binance academy has it all.
  4. BINANCE RESEARCH: Binance Research provides “institutional grade” research reports of digital assets and the overall crypto market. (reports are quite impressive)
  5. CRYPTORESEARCH: Crypto Research Report provides quality reports every few months on the current state of the crypto markets. They also have interviews with well-known people in the space and do in-depth coin reviews every now and then. (Check out their review of Ripple here).
  6. CIRCLE RESEARCH: While currently on pause, Circle Research provides many great research reports. Circle provides info ranging from weekly recaps, to educational material and various crypto reports as well. All of their reports are well written and very informative. Check out their Medium page here as well.
  7. CRYPTOBRIEFING: CryptoBriefing, similar to the Binance academy, provides information on almost every aspect of the space. Their “coin guide” section has some of the best and most easy to understand reviews of crypto projects.

Other Notable Research-Based Companies:

  • Bitmex Research: Research-based reports on the overall crypto ecosystem.
  • Mosaic: Cryptoasset Data and research platform.
  • Blockfyre: In depth research reports on a variety of different cryptocurrencies.
  • BBOD: Comprehensive research reports on “crypto-coins”
  • CoinCodeCap: A unique site that tracks cryptocurrencies based on their Github Activity.
  • TheBlockCrypto: Research, analysis and news site
  • Messari: Provides research, news, metrics and live data for crypto
  • Cryptoslate: Provides news and crypto market analysis
  • Decrypt Media: Research, analysis and news site. The goal of making this new “Web3” easy to understand. (very good for beginners in the space)
  • Blockchain Research Institute: Various studies on the impact of blockchain tech on business, government, and society.
  • CoinMetrics: Provides market and network data, analytics and research. The goal of the company is to help the public better understand, value, and use open crypto networks.
  • Token Analyst: One stop place for all your blockchain data needs.
  • Token Daily: Place to discover trending news and products in crypto and blockchain
  • Adaptive Capital: crypto hedge fund with a focus on on-chain analytics.

Gold Research Companies

For all the gold fanatics out there, below are a few gold research companies:

  1. IN GOLD WE TRUST: the In Gold We Trust reports provide a very detailed and in-depth analysis of the gold markets, the current state of the global economy, and blockchain technology/cryptocurrencies.
  2. GOLD MONEY: Latest insights and market updates about the precious metal industry.


Above is a list of the many free crypto research sites available. A prudent investor should always read several reports/reviews on any project to help make better/more informed decisions.

Always be critical of everything you read.

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