Dating With 10 Stay-At-Home Date Activities for Couples

Almost 2 months into quarantine and I don’t know about you… but for Nick & I, we are way past the phase of Netflix and chilling for “date night.” Both romantics at heart, we have been experimenting with different activities at home to keep the spark alive and well. With our weekday uniforms consisting of overly-worn sweatpants and unwashed hair, romance has taken a back seat, but that is all about to change.

To spice things up, we’ve listed out some couples date activities we’d enjoy doing together and hope to check one off once a week. Our first activity was a Swiss fondue night and we had such a blast melting cheese from around the world on toasted bread while reminiscing on our last trip to Switzerland & sky diving over the mountains. It’s funny how a little planning can brighten up your week. If you’re feeling like you need a change of pace with your partner, I hope something on this list reignites that flame for you, too!

1. Wine or Beer Tasting

Pick up three different brands of white wine on your way home from the grocery store for an easy at-home wine tasting! Be careful to not let your partner see which bottle was poured into each glass and leave a sticky note on the bottom so you’ll be able to tell the difference after the blind tasting.

2. Cooking Class for Two ‍

Find a new recipe on YouTube and enjoy learning some new techniques from the comfort of your kitchen.

If picking up all of the ingredients seems like too much of a hassle, try ordering from a meal delivery service like HomeChef that delivers pre-portioned ingredients and recipes (bringing date-night to you!). For a fun twist, pick a few random ingredients and come up with a new recipe together, “Chopped” style

3. Make a Playlist For One Another: Songs That Remind Me of You

Play it during your cooking class or while enjoying dinner together. Isn’t it such a 90s throwback to the mixed tape days?

4. Board Game Night ️️️

You probably guessed this one was coming, but it’s timeless fun.

Here is the perfect list of board games for 2:

  • Cribbage
  • Scrabble
  • Bananagrams
  • Dominos

And if you have your friends over FaceTime or are on a double date great 4 player games:

  • Codenames
  • Settlers of Catan
  • Clue
  • Risk

5. Read a Book Together in Bed

Turn off the tech and have some laughs reading to one another in different accents for each character! Or if that’s a little too much, try both reading the same book at the same time! A girlfriend of mine does this with her boyfriend in New York and they started with the Lord of The Rings Trilogy and loved talking about who each of them would be if they lived in Hobbit times.

6. Mix Things Up with a Cocktail Hour

Play bartender and shake up a spicy Tajin-rimmed margarita or a mojito with a splash of pineapple juice to enjoy with the windows open and the feet kicked up. You’ll feel like you both are on vacation, just without the long plane ride of course.

7. Travel Over Dinner

Take out a map and pick a place you’ve always dreamed of visiting… Poland? Brazil? The Philippines? Order takeout, listen to music, and watch a movie from the destination country of your choice – it’s much cheaper than booking a ticket, but it doesn’t mean taste buds won’t travel. ️An example for you, order some Chicken Tikka Masala, rice, & naan while watching a classic Bollywood film on Netflix if you happen to dream of seeing the pools of the Taj Majal and wondrous sights of India.

8. Bucket List Brunch 🥞

Lists are always an introspective way to have some fun over huevos rancheros or pancakes. If you cut up little topics in a bowl, you can have your partner randomly pick the bucket list topic whether it be: Bucket List Places You Want to Travel, Bucket List Accomplishments You Want To Complete in the Next 5 Years,

9. Relax & Unwind with a Pampered Evening of Face Masks 🧖‍️

It’s playful fun to put on masks together, steam pores, wear a Korean foot peel, and give one another massages. Your partner may be skeptical at first, but once they feel how smooth their skin is after, promise they’ll absolutely love it!

10. Surprise Dress Up Date

Text your partner an invitation to date night for 2 and be specific on attire. A few hours before dinner, make sure they are getting ready in a separate room as you transform your kitchen into a candlelit Italian restaurant with Vodka Sauce Spaghetti, an Andrea Bocelli playlist, and Gelato dessert at the ready. People underestimate how romantic a thoughtful surprise is


Wishing you and partner families all of the health and happiness during this time. When the future is unsure, I know it’s hard to stay positive. But, even the littlest bits of positivity and playfulness during social distancing can make a big difference  





Have any other date night ideas? Would love to hear below! 

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