Extra Thick Blocking Mats for Knitting – Pack of 9 White Blocking Boards with Grids for Needlepoint or Crochet – Includes Measuring Tape & 150 T Pins

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Price: $31.00
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Knit with Better Accuracy Using a grid pattern gives you much greater knitting accuracy than measuring with a tape. These blocking mats with grids allow you to perfectly measure everything from square blankets to curved armholes. Great for Steam Blocking Close-Knit Blocking Boards are heat resistant, making them an essential accessory for steam blocking. Plus, the knit blocking boards’ surface prevents moisture from seeping through, so they make an ideal surface to dry your knits. Works for Any Size Project Whether you’re into knitting or crochet, this blocking mat kit will fit any size project.

FOR PROJECTS LARGE AND SMALL – Use individual boards for smaller knitting projects or piece them together for larger projects.
ACCURATELY PLAN AND MEASURE – The grid pattern on the blocking board makes knitting easier and more accurate.
QUALITY BLOCKING MATS – These extra thick 1.9 cm blocking mats are more durable, and allow you to more easily work with and measure your knitting and crochet projects than traditional thinner blocking mats.
HEAT AND MOISTURE RESISTANT – Mats are perfect for steam blocking, and drying your project.

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