Triptychs of Strangers #20, The Analog Lover – London HD Wallpaper

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About this series
Wow. It’s number #20 … in seven months. Mmmh, that’s not much compared all the other strangers series. But I feel no pressure to shoot, publish every day, week whatsoever. Could you imagine seeing people in the streets in (three) pieces all the time? Well, I couldn’t – haha. That’s why things keep going on rather slow.

So I call this the 20th anniversary because I have only four more left and stranger #25 might take some time again ;-). Thanks for your encouraging comments and faves during this series.

Story about this shot
I was sticking around London Fields. If you make it there on a Saturday you should must visit the Broadway Market. It`s a less crowded Market compared to Sunday Up Market and feels like being among locals. A few pubs and cafes, but also a small market very selected tasty delicacies, clothes, music, a neat atmosphere in general … a stall selling old prints of old London: The place where I recognized his awesome camera … Yeah, it’s a photographer. Asking a like-minded to participate in any photographic project is as easy as pie. The weakest victim you might find in the streets wherever you are, bird of prey.

About this stranger
Meet the Stranger #20 with the melodic name Kim Tae Hwan. He is 35 years old and maybe our first real celebrity – he is a fashion/editorial photographer mostly working for Elle, Dazed and Confused or Cosmopolitan. But I also enjoyed his efforts in street and beauty.
His clients book him because of his very own signature. Now you are right to say: that’s the minimum you should expect from a professional photographer. But most of his releases for fashion are on polaroid, at least they are in fact analog. I think that’s quite unusual … so in that very moment he was telling me his story with this antique jewel in this hands … I thought this guy must be an analog lover.

Look a his amazing work on his Website.

Kim Tae Hwan lives is from Busan, the second biggest city in South Korea. He spends most of the time traveling around the world – a citizen of the world. I really wonder how many stamps he might have in his passport. He just finished a video shoot in London and had a few days left to spend.

It was really fun talking to him. We had some minor lost in translation kinda like problems, but luckily his was his korean entourage of two and one of them was actually living in London.

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